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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the >> warmer temperatures your complete forecast, coming up. have >> this massive earthquake in el salvador. i jus 30 minutes ago. the reports of damage but the tsunami warning is into effect for all of the pacific side. >> tonight the police department saying that the police apartment saying that this happened in broad daylight. this one when the standing outside of her car in this parking lot when someone walked up to her and
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fired. he said it that he heard at least six gunshots. >> i wanted to die down and ms. anything and the shots. >> 3 years old, seven years old, 90 years old, and a 21 year-old were inside of the car when she worked shot. >> the children were not killed. witnesses say the 36 year-old woman ran across the street after being attacked and was taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. crimes like these are senseless. >> this was senseless.
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>>reporter: just a vague description with a black ski mask it of any information? call vallejo police department. reporting from our vallejo, kron4. >>vicki: also, a robbery who opened fire and a different incident. >> and a violent weekend in oakland. donna lynn has more on the - da lin. after spent two days in oakland hospital still cannot move his and neck. >> are you in pain? >> yes. >> they gave the permission
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to interview him. he is happy to come home and is also a bit nervous. >> next time do you think that you will be scared? >>reporter: he was playing with a stray bullet in front of his driveway. and i started running and i felt something hit me on my neck. doctors removed bullet that was lodged inside of his neck. this was in east oakland on sycamore street. police say several guns fired at least 50 shots. a 46 year-old was shot with no motive and no suspect. there is a message. >> don't shoot. >> the good news is that brian is expected to make a
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full recovery. reporting from oakland, da lin. >> firefighters ran into a problem near 5:00 p.m. at 24th street. they found that they had no water. is a rare occurrence but there were able to cast a different water sores. it was small contained-from a different water source -- they're not sure how the water started. dr. martin with the king in europe never heard him before. ♪
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gimmicky this long lost marcham a parking interview. >> his words have been inscribed, quoted and passed on cutting tens of millions of people cured 44 years after his death. words have never been heard before. >> truly non-violent that person has a loving spirit.
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>> that is from an attic in chattanooga, tennessee. december 21st, 1960. he was being interviewed on the impact of the citizens and non-pilots. >> when the future will... i think this movement represents struggle on the highest level of dignity and discipline. no one of good will and disagreeing with the sit in movement. and to pretend all barriers between people on the basis of race, color. >> the record it was supposed to be used on the focus of racial tensions but it was never completed. the
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son found the item. >> is authenticated and a 1960 authenticated. john lewis is a civil rights legend and he says that this is of significant and so important that the congress, and the president should hear this message of non-violence over and over. >> he is president and ceo of the national laurel project on asian and believes it there are more cat and recordings out there. >> hopefully more and more people will come over and say that i promise forward finding these rare findings of what dr. martin the irking said about 1962, 1963. >> the words are just as reluctant to date as they were years ago.
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>> brian that fog it not last long cured it was blasted out. and it cleared along the coast but it was complete opposite of hot usually take a look at the fog along half moon bay but it is forecasted to move in that later tonight and go all the way inland. once that will reformulate later this evening. gray skies for this evening. expect temperatures in the mid-60s. '70s. and even 80s in some
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areas in san jose carlos santa rosa, concord. all of these temperatures are up quite a bit over what we have seen. we will see those numbers on the increase with the fog at the coast. it is reformulating. this storm and the pacific-northwest is producing wrinkle. usually in this system producing cash-rainfall. however, it is blown out--entirely. with clear skies but again as i mentioned, but fog is coming packeback. notice 80s and going into tuesday some credit is indicating 90's. and look toward '70s, '80s for the south bay. hong low 80s for the santa clara valley. and as the war aantioch. union city5
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degrees. and a nice day with fog clearing about 11:00 a.m. the highs will be in the mid '60s. '70s and '80s for the north bay valleys year your kron 4 7 day around the bay with friday, saturday, sunday, more fog anticipated and cooler temperatures wait for you to get your forecast comcast 193. the latest news, weather, traffic. >> vicki mobile applications for the obama campaigns are helping but there are several security concerns. >> on the campaign trail
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smart phones and tablets are everywhere. now, the teams are taking this one step further with perhaps that can achieve track of past activities and more but there's more privacy concerns. their route can also help generate data by looking into facebook. and using their " friends ". is concerning to use the somebody could walk up to your door. >> of course i am concerned. i am very concerned. you did it this morning. you knew where i was cured i had no idea. >> not just about naps they can have access to other indications about what
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people felt about your privacy expert. >> off contacting information, phone information, if any information that could beat on to your phone such as that data mining. that could-be on your phone. however the information shared his still sensitive and the campaign can take legal action if there mist using disinformation but not everybody is worried. a georgetown resident amount this harmless. >> 30 years ago if you worked for any party, and the campaign and you wanted to find out were you whitecoat of town and make a
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copy of everybody's registration now, it is only party seconds work. and 38 years ago, photocopies would take in one half day of registered voters >> this new personal computer will throat and 83 x box 360 cured that is a great deal but for this giveaway you do not have to forget to get this for free! it is constructed from a carbon fiber relevant. to enter, find me on bass boat, kron 4 facebook and look for me. fa be = = = facebook!
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gabe slate
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the ma >> andsnooky.. is now a mom. the reformist party girl
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announcing that the world it just got a number guido she met the father, two years ago while building the empty >> a share between custody is now exclusively to usher 's is two sons. >> expendable soms were in the box office but the surprising was the obama
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campaign movie >> it looks great for tomorrow. sunny, excellent .
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